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Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility

Habilitat Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility


Habilitat Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility is located on a 1.5-acre oceanfront estate at the base of the Ko`olau Mountains, on the island of O`ahu. Our facility sits at the waters edge of Kane`ohe Bay. The tranquil views and cool trade winds from Kane`ohe Bay create an ideal atmosphere for recovery. We offer a full range of exercise equipment, activities, training centers and entertainment. Located in a quiet neighborhood on the windward side of Oahu makes Habilitat a safe and serene setting ideal for recovery. If you would like to tour our facility, please call and ask for our induction department to schedule a time.

Physical Fitness

Habilitat also recognizes the importance of exercise in the development of a healthy lifestyle. That is why we have an extensive physical fitness program, which consists of a fully equipped gym, with jacuzzi and steam room, as well as a state-of-the-art aerobics studio. A resident participates in mandatory aerobics classes three times per week.  Our gym includes state-of-the-art treadmills, stationary bicycles, weight benches, weight machines, exercise balls and free weights. Residents may choose from running or walking clubs, high-impact aerobics, step aerobics, or kickboxing based fitness programs. Hawaii provides scenic backdrops for all outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating and surfing. We also offer a wide variety of sports and activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Health Services

From pre-admission through completion, Habilitat Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility works to protect the health of the individual as well as that of the collective population. Through the services of a network of medical professionals, we develop a complete medical history for each resident. Health services personnel monitor special medical needs and work with the food service department and our dietitian to ensure the best possible level of health for everyone. Nutritional counseling for weight management, cholesterol control, and other health problems ensure that meals are carefully planned and portioned to provide a balanced and appetizing diet.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility


Our experience has shown that those involved with alcohol or drug abuse have seriously interrupted or completely disregarded their formal education. All residents are encouraged to complete their high school education while in the program. Our teaching staff is made up of state-certified educators with special talents. The student-teacher ratio is small enough to assure individualized attention. Habilitat also encourages senior residents to pursue higher education – either during the latter phases of the program or after completion. Many graduates have pursued college degrees. Learn more about our educational programs.

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One of our philosophies at Habilitat is work hard, learn hard and play hard. Residents are afforded the opportunity to partake in a variety of on-site activities such as sailing, paddling, fishing, basketball, volleyball, pool, ping-pong and more. Aside from the many on-site resources found at our facility, residents also have the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful Island of Oahu. We have regular hiking trips to different locations all over the Island. Our hiking trips are both serene and adventurous, check out one of our photo galleries for recent trips and outings.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Facility