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Check out this article, showing the difference between professional and amateur real estate photography!

Why Hawaii Real Estate

In 2007, $11.5 billion was spent in real estate advertising, with online spending $2.6 billion of the total. By 2010, agents will spend more ad dollars with online media than with newspapers. …Borrell Associates, Inc. (2007) There are currently over 900 Million Internet Users Online.

  • 25% of all Searches Online involve Real Estate and Finance.
  • 90% of Agents and 80% of all Home Searches begin Online.
  • Nearly 80% of Internet searchers are for Multimedia and Video.

Survey Results Summary:**

  • 320 respondents viewed homes in the $400,000-$600,000 range.
  • Respondents that viewed listing information accompanied by professional photography valued the property at an average price of $460,735, an increase of 11.5 percent or $52,896 over the average perceived price of the description-only property, $407,839.
  • Respondents viewing a video valued the home at an average price of $432,329, an increase of 5.7 percent or $24,490, over the average perceived price of the description-only property, $407,839.
  • Survey respondents believed a home with professional photography was three times more likely to sell within the standard listing period than a home marketed with only descriptive information.
  • When asked how likely they were to visit the homes listed with professional photography, seven times as many respondents indicated that they were “very likely” to visit the home as those who said they were “very likely” to visit a home with only descriptive information.


Create a Video the Customer Will Want to Watch!

Increase your click through to contact ratio with Windward Multimedia. Your professional real estate video will provide your target audience with a rich and engaging experience. Windward Multimedia uses professional lighting and composition that will create a warm and visually stunning appearance. Add in a soundtrack that sets the feel or mood of the property. Effectively profile property types in fully custom HD (high definition) video. The video is sure to leave an impression and stimulate enough interest to schedule a “walk-through” or a reservation of the property. We produce videos for all of the real estate markets, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Luxury Homes


Packages and Rates:

Fundamentals Package : Starts at Only $200

  • $200 – 20 Digitally Enhanced Architectural Photos
  • $225 – 30 Digitally Enhanced Architectural Photos


Media Package : Starts at Only $400*

  • Comprehensive HD video tour, royalty free music and professional graphics
  • 15 Digitally Enhanced Architectural Photos




Add On Services:

Additional Virtual Tour Edits: $100

Additional photos: $100 per 15

Online Digital Brochure: $100 (Online brochures are hosted free for up to 6 months)

Web Listing On Windward Multimedia Website: $50

Professionally Recorded Voice Over Narration: $100

Video Hosting Site Submission: $20 per site

Printed Property Spec Sheet With Color Photos: Price on Request


*Price is determined by the size of the property. Starting price is for 1 Bedroom condominium.

Additional fees for Outer Island shoots  include airfare and car rental.
Let our Oahu Real Estate Video help you bring in clients.



**Source:  as of 1-18-13 /1pm Hawaii ©, All Rights Reserved Investing in Web Video Makes Perfect Sense A recent report from California Association of Realtors® echoes the need for property sellers to invest time & marketing dollars into their online efforts. According to the report:

  • 92% of Internet buyers found their agent on a Web site.
  • 63% found them through an Internet search engine.
  • 0% of Internet buyers found agents through brochures, flyers, yard signs or mailers!

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